What we do

We have a vital job to do…

Refractory products are used in all the world’s high-temperature industrial processes. Without them, the steel, cement, lime, non-ferrous metals, glass, energy, environment and chemical industries couldn’t exist.

Refractories defy the most hostile conditions to stay strong and stable at temperatures of 1200 °C and much, much higher. To contain materials safely while they’re burned, melted, blasted, fired, fused, and shaped. And to protect equipment such as furnaces and kilns against thermal, mechanical and chemical stress.

Our job is to provide answers to these extreme challenges. To tailor the best solutions for our customers we make over 120,000 products. These range from bricks and lining mixes to flow control products such as slide gates, nozzles and plugs. Their service lives range from a few cycles within a day to as long as 10 years. The base materials we use to make them are magnesite and dolomite – remarkable materials which themselves require skillful handling: the melting point of fused magnesia is above 2800 °C.