Changes in the shareholder structure of RHI AG (ad hoc)

11. January 2007

The executive board of RHI AG (“the Company”) announces that it has received a letter by the board of the MS Private Foundation with the following contents:

“MS Private Foundation (“MSPF”) currently holds 1.108.500 shares of RHI AG. In addition, we would like to inform you of the following:
MSPF is entitled to acquire an additional 4.268.000 shares of RHI AG based on option agreements. Also, MSPF is the holder of Tranche A convertible bonds which entitle it to the acquisition of up to an additional 6.259.000 shares of RHI AG. Depending on the number of conversions by other holders of convertible bonds, the highest hypothetical stake which MSPF can hold in RHI AG is 29.22% to 31.55%. MSPF is currently taking into consideration that a controlling stake within the meaning of the Austrian Takeover Act is not attained by way of the exercise of the options or the Tranche A convertible bonds.
MSPF views the shares, options and Tranche A convertible bonds which it holds as a long-term investment and is not currently planning additional purchases or sales.
No decision has yet been made with respect to the point in time of the exercise of the Tranche A convertible bonds held by MSPF.
In addition, we would like to inform you that, at our request, our longstanding business partner, Dr. Herbert Cordt will be administering our stake in RHI.”

MSPF is a foundation in accordance with Austrian law whose beneficiaries are the Austrian entrepreneur Martin Schlaff and his family.

The Company is happy to report that it has acquired an Austrian core shareholder