Corporate Governance

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Jacqueline Knox
Executive Vice President
General Legal Counsel

RHI Magnesita
Kranichberggasse 6, A-1120 Vienna, Austria
T: +43 50213-0

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RHI Magnesita N.V. has its registered seat in the Netherlands and its shares are admitted to trading on the Main Market of the London Stock Exchange and on the Vienna Stock Exchange. The company is committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and intends to adhere to both the UK Corporate Governance Code and the Dutch Corporate Governance Code to the fullest extent possible. Furthermore, RHI Magnesita N.V. advocates the provisions to prevent market abuse and therefore fully complies with the respective regulation of the European Union (EU No 596/2014). Further information on our corporate governance, including the corporate governance statement in accordance with the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, can be found within the Annual Report which is available in the Investors / Results & Presentations section of this website. The company is still in the process of finalizing certain information to be disclosed in accordance with the applicable Corporate Governance Codes, this will be available on the website shortly.