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24. September 2004

On September 24, 2004, the internationally renowned RHI Refractories Technology Center in Leoben Göss opens its doors to the public for the first time.

For nearly 50 years the most renowned research and development center for refractory materials and technologies has been located in Leoben Göss. It forms the innovative core of RHI AG, the globally leading refractories company from Austria.

The entire expertise in research and development and in the refractories technology is concentrated in Leoben. From here, an international team of refractories specialists controls the global RHI Refractories technology network and continuously develops new and improved products and methods for the production processes of RHI’s customers. Customers include the major international industry groups of the iron and steel industry, the cement and lime industry, the glass industry, the non-ferrous metals industry and the environment, energy, chemical and petrochemical sector. They all hold the innovative and efficient refractory products made by RHI in high esteem.

Enough reason to open the center to the public for a day.

The public is readily accepting this offer. The people, schools in the region, political representatives and authorities, universities and science institutions are taking advantage of this unique opportunity to catch a glimpse of the extraordinary world of industrial high temperature. Numerous customers of RHI Refractories have, of course, also come to convince themselves of the expertise of their refractories partner.

By the early afternoon, more than 500 visitors were welcomed.

At a press conference preceding the event, Deputy CEO and Refractories COO of RHI AG, Dr. Andreas Meier, again emphasized the importance of technology and innovation leadership for the group, which is an indispensable requirement to secure the leading position in the world market in the long term.

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