RHI and voestalpine Donawitz extend refractories cooperation

03. February 2006

The two corporations, voestalpine Donawitz GmbH & CO KG and RHI Refractories, have been collaborating in an exclusive partnership based on a ‘Contract Business Agreement’ for the supply of refractories for steel ladles and tundishes since 1997.

The agreement, which will expire next March, has been put out to tender and, following intensive negotiations with several bidders, the contract has once again been awarded to RHI Refractories. During the contract term, from April 2006 to March 2011, voestalpine Donawitz will cast some 7.25 million tonnes of crude steel. This signifies a sales volume of over € 30 million for RHI Refractories.

Not only the good partnership experience, product stability and consistency in quality, but also the on-site services provided by the refractories specialist, tipped the scale in favour of RHI Refractories.

Generally, the contract governs the timely supply of hot metal and cast steel ladles needed for the production process as well as tundishes required for the two continuous casting lines in Donawitz. In addition, RHI Refractories will supply all the refractories required for the slide gate systems. Apart from providing top-notch products, RHI Refractories is also responsible for the provision of quality services on site and for delivering and maintaining the required machinery.

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