Health & Safety

The safety, health and well-being of our employees are a priority for us. We know they are our strength, and we focus on prevention as well as on measures ensuring their health, safety and quality of life.

We aim to achieve prevention through continuous reduction of work-related stress and monitoring combined with adapted coping strategies to ensure that employees stay healthy and fit for work for as long as possible.


Some of our health & safety actions:

Besides classic technical and organizational safety approaches, our special focus is on behavior-based safety (e.g. Safety Leadership Training, moderated Safety Minutes, identification of risk behaviors to replace them with safe behaviors).

Minimization of psychological stress and improvement of mental fitness (workshops, coping strategies, impulse tests)

Strengthening personal health competence and work-life balance (running meetings, cycling excursions, contributions to fitness studio costs)

Safe and ergonomic design of the workplace (ergonomic advisers, lifting aids, training courses)

Nutritional monitoring of employees (nutrition workshops, cooking classes, healthy alternatives at the canteen, fruit baskets)

Preventive healthcare (melanoma detection, vaccination campaigns, medical check-ups)

Monitoring patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, hypertension)

Smoking Cessation Program

Annual Health Weeks

Safety training

Hearing Conservation Program (PCA)

Dental office

Laboratory collection post