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Klara Petrovics
CSR Manager

RHI Magnesita
Wienerbergstraße 9
A-1100 Vienna

T: +43 50213-6569

Respecting communities and the environment

Our actions are based on the conviction that we can live up to our corporate responsibility in the three dimensions of sustainable economic activity (economy, ecology and society) and are able to generate economic value for our shareholders as well as value for our environment in a sustainable way.

Therefore, we see corporate social responsibility (CSR) at RHI Magnesita as part of value creation. The sustainability perspective in its three dimensions thus plays a significant role in implementing the company strategy.

We are convinced that by focusing on CSR, we are able to use our key competence as a leading company in the refractories industry at its best for the purpose of increasing value for our company and for all our stakeholders on a sustained basis, thereby creating shared value.

In order to ensure continuous development, we set numerous ambitious targets and define concrete measures and schedules for the implementation. We report on our material topics in the annual report in accordance with the requirements of the “Core” option of the G4 Guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative.