Materiality Analysis

In the year 2015, we reviewed the materiality of the topics defined in a multi-stage process in the year 2013 and reprioritized them. An online survey was conducted to integrate internal and external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers, authorities, associations as well as education and research institutions worldwide and thus enable international participation.

The questions were related to topics that should be at the center of CSR management and of reporting, and to the evaluation of the Group’s CSR performance. The results showed that the topics defined in 2013 have maintained their relevance for the company and its stakeholders.

Until a new analysis is carried out, these twelve topics identified in the year 2015 are also considered to be material for the new company RHI Magnesita

  • Sustainable profitable growth
  • Innovation
  • Governance, business ethics & values
  • Communication
  • Product responsibility & quality management
  • Raw materials & mining
  • Environmental protection & emissions
  • Recycling & waste management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Responsible employer
  • Human rights
  • Good corporate citizenship


For further information on the materiality analysis please refer to the Annual Reports of RHI.